(Don't worry if a purple message appears in the live stream below, it will disappear after 30 seconds)

Climate live Spain will be a concert taking place on April 24 in which singers from all over Spain will showcase their talents and there will also be specialised speakers in different aspects of the climate talking about their expertise.


Our main objectives are to engage people with music, to make them conscious of the huge danger that Climate Change is, and also of course to have fun!

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UTC + 1h

  • Intro 7:30-7:40pm

  • Singer 1 7:40-7:55pm

  • Speaker 1 7:55–8:10pm

  • Singer 2 8:10-8:25pm

  • Speaker 2 8:25-8:40pm

  • Singer 3 8:40-8:55pm

  • Singer 4 8:55-9:10pm

  • Possible singer 5 9:10-9:25pm

  • Parting 9:25-9:30pm

To learn more about Climate Live, click right here.