These are the wonderful artists and speakers who fill our global events with life and inspiring ideas.


She was born in January 1997 in Ie Island, Okinawa, a scenic island with a population of

about 4,000, located about 30 minutes by ferry from the main island of Okinawa. She has

a sense of mixing; English lyrics, Japanese lyrics, and sounds of various genres throughout

her music. Also, she changes her performance style according to the event or venue, such as solo live using a loop pedal, live with a band, and acoustic guitar narration. She performs in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany and other countries.

Barenaked Ladies

Ed Robertson, Jim Creegan, Kevin Hearn, and Tyler Stewart from the iconic Canadian band, Barenaked Ladies, will be performing at our livestream. With an international fanbase in millions, having sold over 15 million albums, written multiple top 20 hits, garnered 2 Grammy nominations, and won 8 Juno awards amongst other achievements, this band is truly admirable. In 2018, the band were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and Toronto mayor John Tory declared October first ‘Barenaked Ladies Day’.




Communism is a Toronto indie-rock band consisting of singer Don Kerr, guitarist Paul Linklater, and bassist Kevin Lacroix. The group’s debut album, Get Down, Get Together delivers high-energy alt-pop with a political edge.

Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan is an indie-rock musician from Vancouver, British Columbia. He has won two Juno Awards, both in 2012 for alternative album Oh Fortune and Breakthrough artist. He has also been nominated for a Juno Award three other times. He has been on Netflix, CBC, AMC, and the feature film Hector and the Search For Happiness. He is also one of the co-founders of Side Door, a marketplace for musicians to host shows and concerts online during COVID-19”

Gabrielle Fayant

Gabrielle Fayant originates from of Fishing Lake Metis Settlement, AB, one of the 8 land-based Metis Settlements in Canada. Gabrielle is an award winning woman for her work in community, youth empowerment, and Indigenous rights awareness. She has worked with several Indigenous and non-profit organizations and is currently a Helper and Co-Founder of Assembly of Seven Generations (A7G). A7G is an Indigenous owned and youth-led, non-profit organization focused on cultural support and empowerment programs/policies for Indigenous youth while being led by traditional knowledge and Elder guidance. Gabrielle is passionate about dismantling systems of oppression and about cultural resurgence and justice for all Indigenous peoples.

Kiyoshi Kanzawa

After living in Sierra Leone, the country with the shortest life expectancy in the

world, and returning from a workshop in Germany, he was shocked by the
world's environmental problems and became an environmental activist by
making a speech on the street in front of the station alone. He has given lectures in nine prefectures across Japan. In addition to slides, he uses music,
videos, and many other methods to communicate about environmental issues.

Leah & Peter from July Talk

Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis, lead singers of the band ‘July Talk’ which originated in Toronto Ontario, are known for their indie, alternative, blues, and ‘10s rock music. They toured with many musicians and bands such as Tegan and Sara, Arkells, Billy Talent, and Weezer. The band is also very well known for their live performances, as they are often described as ‘explosive and highly energized’

Lia Pappas-Kemps

Lia Pappas-Kemps is a former actor turned singer/songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. She is inspired by strong female pop artists like Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers. Other major influences include candid lyricists Alanis Morrisette and Courtney Barnett. Trained as an intermediate jazz pianist and vocalist, the influences of early jazz can be heard in her instrumentals, and in her vocal choices.

Louise Hoffsten

Louise is, aside from being one of Sweden’s most loved pop and blues artists, a composer, harmonicist and author. Throughout her 30 year long career she’s released several hit songs, including Let the best man win and Only the dead fish follow the stream, and competed in Melodifestivalen - Sweden’s national version of Eurovision Contest.

Maria Clara Groppler

Mila Hasegawa

She is half-South African and launched her own brand "JAMESIE" for ALL GENDER in 2017, and later entered a prestigious art college in London (Central Saint Martins). In addition to being active in magazines and on TV, she is a model who freely communicates her backbone, her brand, genderlessness, and environmental issues to express "me". In October last year, she became the navigator of J-WAVE "START LINE". Broadcasting live every Friday from 16:30 to 20:00.

Moscow Apartment

Moscow Apartment create lush, harmony and folk imbued indie-rock that is interwoven with the timeless and perceptive writing of singer-songwriters Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla. The award winning teenage duo released their critically acclaimed sophomore EP, Better Daughter, in July 2020. The EP made the top 40 on the NACC (College and Community radio) chart and garnered interest from labels, publishers, and potential producers and co writers in the USA.

Niko Schwind



Petra Marklund

With her unique combination of melancholic tunes and dance-pop, Petra Marklund (also known by her previous stage name September) has topped charts around the world and has won several awards for her music. Her songs have over 120 million streams on Spotify.


He was born in Amerika-mura, Osaka, one of the most densely club-packed areas in the Kansai area. In his performance, he does not use any looping machines, but strums his

classical guitar to make the beats to which he sings. His unique style is somewhere in between rapping and singing, and he has earned it from his club-packed hometown.

Scott Helman

“When I was 15, I put some songs on Youtube and someone at a record label deemed them OK enough to offer me a deal. In a whirlwind 3 years I turned the pressure of my teenage life into an EP titled after a street I was living on in Toronto - Augustana. What happened after that was beyond my wildest dreams: people actually liked it. Since then I’ve put out another album titled after a street I was living on in Montreal - Hotel De Ville - and a 3-song EP titled Hang Ups. These were explorations of my limits, and my abilities as a songwriter.”

The Hebbe Sisters

Joy, charisma & musicality – three words that characterize these singing, swinging, showing and dancing sisters. With contagious energy and verve the Hebbe Sisters perform music in their own innovative arrangements. The three Hebbe sisters Emelie, Josefine and Maria tour regularly, both in Sweden and abroad, and have performed on stage together since early childhood. They move across genres such as jazz, Swedish folk, pop, soul as well as classical music and musical theatre, often in combination with dance or other art forms.
“It’s essential to us that the music comes from the heart and creates a lasting experience.”

The Lifers

The lifers, led by sisters Liv and Anita Cazzola, are an art-folk/rock collective from Guelph, Ontario. Their Intertwined Voices dynamically convey vulnerability and strength, confronting the vulnerability of our world and ourselves. Their latest release “Honey Suite” employs conventional instruments in unconventional ways, garnering them a nomination for Emerging Artist of the Year through the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Folk music has never sounded so immediate.

Toni Scheurlen


Whitehorse is a Hamilton, Ontario based Canadian folk-rock band that is conducted by husband and wife, Melissa McClelland and Luke McClelland. Formed in 2011, Whitehorse has been nominated for 15 awards and won “Adult Alternative Recording of the Year” at the Hamilton Music awards in 2012, and “Adult Alternative Album of the Year” at the Juno Awards in 2016.

Yudai Maeda

He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2007, and was in charge of climate change from
2017 to 2019. He was responsible for drafting the summit declaration for the climate change portion of the G20 Osaka Summit, coordinating the efforts of each country, and contributing to the adoption of the declaration. He was also in charge of coordinating
various national strategies as growth strategies based on the Paris Agreement. In the field of diplomacy, he realized the dynamism of the world's climate change and energy issues, and with a sense of crisis that Japan might be left behind in this trend, he joined afterFIT in order to realize Japan's energy shift.

Anna Vild

Anna is a singer-songwriter, folklorist, writer and women’s rights activist who uses her music to bring attention to everything from the Swedish 17th century witch trials to her experiences as a person diagnosed with hypersensitivity. She’s also known for being able to perform the kuling, a traditional herding call domestic to Sweden and Norway.


Bebetta ist eine verspielte, farbenfrohe und kreative Persönlichkeit, die es sich als Ziel genommen hat, die Menschen fernab vom Alltagsstress in eine bunte Märchenwelt zu entführen.

Braden Lam

Blending authentic songwriting with modern indie flair, Braden Lam is forging the path to a new 21st century folk-pop. This young artist from Halifax, NS takes listeners on a journey of hope and aspiration with “Inside Four Walls”, six songs that walk from adolescence and a wide open future into the reality of adulthood and its sundry limitations, trying to find the ideal balance of art and responsibility. It features the single “Forest Fires”, a millenial call to action in the ongoing global fight against climate change.

Catherine Abreu

Catherine Abreu is an internationally recognized, award-winning campaigner whose work centres on building powerful coalitions to advance action on climate change. One of the world’s 100 most influential people in climate policy as named by Apolitical in 2019, she has over 15 years of experience campaigning on environmental issues including 7 years in the heart of the climate movement.


"Warum nicht?“ - Dachten sich Brascon, Yannek Maunz und Johanson, allesamt aktiv in der deutschen Deep House und Electronica Szene und ebenfalls allesamt etwas gelangweilt von deren Monotonie. Eine Antwort konnten sie bis heute noch nicht finden. Deshalb mischen die drei Berliner Künstler nun Einflüsse aus Dada, Neuer Deutscher Welle und guter alter House Musik für ihren eigenartigen Sound und erzählen Geschichten aus einer Mærchenwelt voll von traurigen Tanzbären, melancholischen Millionären, magischen Mädchen und beständigen Bäumen… In den Worten von Kurt Schwitters: „So, so!

Felix Raphael

Felix's love of music was already born in his cradle. As a little boy his mother took him to singing lessons and he discovered his fascination for singing. His style is not easy to put in a drawer. All in all his sound can best be described as Deep House with a strong tendency towards Arabic and Afrohouse elements. But the most important thing for him is...
... a lot of melody and harmony.

Julian Taylor

Taylor, of combined Mohawk and Caribbean ancestry, is a Toronto music scene staple, and musical chameleon. His versatility as a songwriter is signature; one minute he’s onstage playing with his band spilling out electrified rhythm and blues glory, and the next he’s featured at a folk festival delivering a captivating solo singer-songwriter set. Taylor is as an explosive and captivating a live performer as you’ll ever see.


Mit einer Stimme aus Samt umgeben von gedämpften Klavierhämmern, schim-
mernden Elektronikelementen und dem Puls rasender Herzen erschafft der 22-Jährige eine manchmal erschreckende, meist jedoch umarmende Intimität.


LEEPA has a plan. She wants to change something. And not, like others, overnight with
10.000 followers per second, but slowly. Organically. "I want a group to come together step
by step that really understands what I mean. I want people who identify with me and then

start working together."

Lina Mirai

Raised by a Japanese father and a Spanish mother, moving back and forth between their
respective home countries. She started modeling at the age of 3. When she was a teenager, she discovered veganism, a way of life based on love, after suffering from an eating disorder. Since then, she has learned about the vegan lifestyle from a wide range of perspectives, including the environment, animals, and health, and has awakened to hope for the future and the joy of
living. In recent years, she has been active as a model/lifestyle creator, doing talk shows,
developing plant based recipes, publishing books, etc., with the motto, "The best I can do now to protect the earth".

Luna Li

Luna Li is a Toronto-based, multi-instrumental musician. Classically trained, Luna Li creates ethereal indie rock music that evokes the feeling of a dream. Through her music, Luna aims to create an inclusive and supportive music scene for everyone.

Marijke Smittenaar

Milky Chance

Naomi Wiehe

Naomi is a 19 year old singer from Lund, Sweden who writes her own music accompanied by guitar, piano and ukulele. In 2016, Naomi won the Lund Visfestival songwriting competition with her song “Faller Fritt” and has since been performing on stages throughout south Sweden.

Noelia Molino

Olivia is a Ghost

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is the Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto and a lifelong anti-poverty activist. He also teaches at Simon Fraser University, is a regular political commentator on CTV and has written numerous op-eds and columns on various social issues. Growing up materially poor in Toronto, has inspired Paul to commit his life to doing what he can to dismantle the systems and harmful organizing principles that cause and uphold poverty, food insecurity and wealth inequality, including racism, white supremacy and neoliberalism. In 2020, Paul was named one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40, one of Toronto Life’s 50 Most Influential Torontonians and voted as Best Activist by Now Magazine readers.

Raina Douris

Raina Douris, an award-winning radio personality from Toronto, Ontario, comes to World Cafe from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), where she was host and writer for the daily live, national morning program Mornings on CBC Music. She is also involved with Canada's highest music honors: Since 2017, she has hosted the Polaris Music Prize Gala, for which she is also a jury member, and she has also been a jury member for the Juno Awards. Douris has also served as guest host and interviewer for various CBC Music and CBC Radio programs, and red carpet host and interviewer for the Juno Awards and Canadian Country Music Association Awards, as well as a panelist for such renowned CBC programs as Metro Morning, q and CBC News.

Sarah Hanson

Sarah is the North America Regional Director for Youth4Nature. She is an Indigenous youth from Biigtigong Nishnaabeg in Northwestern Ontario, who believes Indigenous and Non-Indigenous youth working together will create a just and sustainable future for all. She holds the ancestral knowledge of her people from years growing up in her community and a degree in Biology from Queen’s University. She actively looks for new and exciting ways to engage with others about climate change, recently participating in the Climate Reality Projects Online Training and Earth Guardians Indigenous Youth Leadership Initiative. Formally, she has worked with organizations like Leading Change Canada, Youth Climate Lab and the Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring Program to bridge their engagement with Indigenous Peoples and strengthen their allyship practices. Outside of work, Sarah reconnects to her culture through beading, sewing and embroidery.

Seita Emori

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1970. He received his PhD in 1997 from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo, and joined the National Institute for Environmental Studies. He has been the Deputy Director of the Center for Global Environmental Research since 2018, and the President of the Social Dialogue and Co production Office (Twitter @taiwa_kankyo). He is the lead author of the Fifth and Sixth Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The Johnnys

Veronica Johnny is a Cree-Métis, two-spirit artist and musician from the Northwest Territories. She is the front woman, lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist for her band The Johnnys, as well as a multidisciplinary arts entrepreneur. She aims to explore her identity through visual art, music, and storytelling. She does this through a blend of traditional and contemporary ideas and mediums.

The Weather Station

Tamara Lindeman is a songwriter and singer who performs under the name Te Weather Station. As The Weather Station, she has released five albums and toured extensively around Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia. She has been nominated for a Juno, a SOCAN award, and the Polaris Prize. Her most recent album, Ignorance, was praised as “A masterpiece” by the Guardian, received a Best New Music designation in Pitchfork, and was profiled by The New York times, the New Yorker, and Uncut Magazine, among many others.

Vilbert Vabi

Vilbert Vabi, originally from Cameroon, holds a PhD in Forest Resources Management from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. His research was focused on understanding the effectiveness of community management of natural resources, and the appropriate recognition of local values. Prior to joining Nature Canada, Vilbert worked with the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Vilbert is passionate about community management of natural resources, forest landscape governance and restoration, and the effectiveness of conservation efforts. The role of Policy and Campaigns Manager – Reforestation, provides an opportunity for him to combine his passion and desire to influence policy for the benefit of humanity and our precious mother Earth.

Yoshiki Sakai

Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1992. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science. He joined Sekisui House, Ltd. in 2015, and has been the chief architect since 2020. Since joining Sekisui House, he has been designing rental housing (Sha-Maison) based on the design principle of "WHAT'S YOUR ORIGIN". In recent years, he has been involved in the design of rental housing (Sha-Maison ZEH) with ZEH (Net Zero Energy House) specifications, which aims to reduce the net energy into zero by energy conservation and energy creation.


A track maker and singer with the backgrounds in both Japan and Ireland. She expresses the world through her original taste. The first album, "Junior Refugee” was released from salvaged tapes records in 2015. Since then, she continues her career with a variety of paths; illustration, fashion brand, video creation, music composition for TV ad, supporting vocals/chorus. In 2018, she established Black Boboi with Utena Kobayashi and Julia Shortreed and they performed on the prestigious stage, Red Marquee at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’19. She joined Millennium Parade in 2019. Her recent release is a single "Thunder” from BINDIVIDUAL records in March 2021.